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Are you familiar with green and blue washing?

Do you understand C2C?

Would you like to make a difference?


Such questions define the challenges that today’s footwear industry faces. Empty marketing rhetoric often allows brands to ‘greenwash’ their products, with eye firmly fixed on the financial bottom line.  We understand how difficult it is to find that balance between ‘eco-warrior’ expectations and the demands of the market.

Perhaps the industry’s main challenge is to combine multiple plastic-derivative components into a process that renders an indestructible, yet recyclable, product.SaiKutsu’s unique methods and materials bridge those gaps between process and eco-friendliness, between sustainability and shareholder expectations.Working together we can change our industry, reduce our carbon footprint, and turn harm into good.

SaiKutsu can elevate your footwear line to the highest standards of eco-friendly design, manufacture, and distribution. From recycled bottles to algae foams, from natural rubber soles to the highest-quality leathers, you will completely rethink your business’s approach to sustainability.


The goal is to make shoes that are net positive to the environment

A C2C shoe that comes from the earth, manages its resources both human and nature responsibly and ethically, then returns to the earth or an industrial recycling process to nurture the next cycle.


With the goal of producing environmentally net-positive footwear, we will be launching our own production facility in Vietnam in the coming months.

That facility will produce an initial, prototype footwear line to demonstrate what truly responsible shoemaking looks like:

- More natural and transparent resources in our shoes

- A simpler, more streamlined product

- Recycling, reusing, and rethinking design and manufacture in a C2C context

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