From Concept to Foot

We seek out clients who share our passion for positive change in the footwear industry.

Sai-kutsu offers end-to-end consultancy services (and elbow grease!), whether it’s re-engineering the sustainability of an existing style, or performing a top-to-bottom reassessment of all your product lines.

Footwear Design

Our team of in-house designers, and a black book of top-flight freelancers, allow us to tailor solutions to your creative needs. We work closely with clients to draft clear briefs detailing timelines, forecasts, cost requirements, and range plans to assure an efficient and quick turnaround, from concept to sample-on-foot.


With offices in Vietnam and the EU, our team chases down every detail. We make bringing a shoe to market as easy as possible. Manufacturing is a complex discipline, and our partner factories have been tested for over thirty years. Your product will be made responsibly, sustainably, and in the very best working environment.

Working with brands

Over the years we have worked with a wide variety of brands – some requiring specific direction and design work, others in need of a full concept-to-shelf package. Our client base ranges from large multinational corporates in need of fresh perspectives, to start-ups seeking the benefit of our years of experience in the industry. We work closely with the brand to deliver the most responsibly designed and manufactured footwear on the market.

Range Architecture

Range architecture and market positioning is a key factor in effectively getting to market and staying there. Less is more, with quality over quantity being our ethos. Whether you are adding to an existing range or starting one from scratch, we offer advise on how we would approach a project to maximize its profitability over a long period of time.


Innovation starts for us from the materials and construction of a shoe. We only work with fully compliant factories that produce fully compliant product. Innovating new ways to bring product to market, its carbon offset and ability to be truly Carbon neutral is a goal we aim for with all projects. In todays market that is a hard task, but we are getting closer with every project.

Research & Development

Through over 18 years in the industry and many of our manufacturing partners having 30 years plus, we bring practical considered solutions to the table. Whether thats from a design, cost or shipping perspective , we advise you on what we have learnt from bringing over 30 different brands projects from thought to foot.


Shipping is a major cost in any product launch and a timely aspect of your go to market strategy. Our parent company and manufacturers are shipping up to 60 40ft containers a day and as such we have a well oiled machine for finding you a great deal on your collections travel arrangements if needed.


Although often an afterthought we have various solutions to reduce your shipping costs, minimize footprint in stock rooms and create a high quality finish to add to the shoe inside. Balancing cost issues with sustainable materials from sustainable sources can be tricky, but we aim to add earth and client value with our options offered.


Footwear is the less talked about brother of apparel in the sustainable world. This is due to its inherent requirement for strength and durability and the existing plethora of ancillary industries from Tier 2-4 suppliers who have not made it their goal to become a non damaging part of the eco system we live in.

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