A 30 year journey by our parent company to create the greenest and most sustainable jeans manufacturing facility and vertical model in the world

Constantly evolving, searching for ways to reduce our impact on the environment

 SAITEX strive to use processes that are gentle to our planet, by always considering the impact of our decisions on our associates, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

Believing in harnessing the power of today’s innovations, to build the world of tomorrow. We see Industry 4.0 as a real opportunity for our business to redefine the relationship of the present economy with resources.

98% recycled water

1.5 liters, that’s how much water we use today at SAITEX versus the industry standard of 80 liters per jean. Thanks to our closed water system, and jet washing, each year we are able to save 430 million liters of water – equal to the annual water consumption of 432,000 people.

Meaningful innovations

Utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques such as laser to etch off a fine layer of fiber and color from jeans, we have transformed a 20-30 minute manual process down to 90 seconds, to get the same result. Allowing us to produce superior products in a hybrid/collaborative method with our associates, and in less time for our clients.

Clean and renewable energy

Through our commitment to conserving energy by deploying an aerial drying system, recapturing heat, using natural lighting, and investing into solar energy, we have reduced our energy usage by 13 million kilowatt-hours per year – and reduced CO2 emissions by nearly 80%

Saitex Clients
Jeans manufactured a year
Over 4000 Associates
Of revenue deployed into Sustainable Development

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