White Label R&D Project

We have developed a sneaker made from industrial waste. REKUT is our internal R&D project we have been working on and it is available to our clients!

Dead-Stock Materials

We have identified hundreds of warehouses around Asia with dead-stock materials gathering dust. Indeed, our own main partner factory has a warehouse of high quality, organic, selvedge material that we are currently turning into valuable up-cycled product.

Textile Innovation

We work with our partner company, Saitex, to develop new finishes, washes, sprays, and laser treatments to share with our partner footwear brands.  Saitex is the greenest jeans factory in the world, and this environmental sensitivity permits us to bring eco-responsibility to finished shoes, as well.

Re-use Garments

Saitex applies the rigorous quality control process that the big brands expect of their factories. This gives us access to their stream of dead-stock garments. We are able to create a couple of pairs of shoes, plus a shoe bag, out of a single pair of jeans-each item original and one-off. 

Prototyping / Pullovers

We are pleased to announce what is perhaps the most exciting development for Saikutsu and Saitex this year:

Since our jeans factory includes full cut and stitch facilities, we have opened a new assembly line for finished shoes. As such, the entire process (cut/stitch/wash/treat/finish/attach/box) is completely controlled by us.

Experimenting: real-time R&D

Our factory’s flexibility allows us to move quickly, often with just a week’s turnaround, to indulge fresh ideas and produce prototypes for our key partners. This makes for a compelling story: zero virgin materials used in the creation of the shoe, with some amazing, one-off finishes only achievable in our facility.     

Our Ever-Evolving Industry

We offer unique technologies and supply chain options for sole units, inserts, laces, boxes, labelling, and shipping. We are always striving to do things differently and to achieve a unique story to connect with our brands. Rekut is an R&D lab that allows us to generate ideas as we see fit and not just wait for specs and concepts from outside.

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