Painting: Acrylic, Ink, Household, Chalk, Platinum on Canvas, Paper, Glass, Marble, Other.

You can see 9 layers of resin and glass ,natural pigments, silver leaf, crushed marble, diamond dust, sand and foiling all created and destroyed ,smashed and built up to create the effect of the earth above the clouds looking down through cloud cover on mountain valleys in the Pacific Northwest.
The viewer feels a awestruck by nature and its vast power, harnessed in this massive painting .The earth and planets were built over billions of years of creation destruction and rebuilding and I try to capture this in my work using the very materials that come from the earths building process. The resin I use is to hold all the elements in their frozen state inside the material like Amber freezes the fly forever or the hidden diamond in the strata of the deep earth.
-Hanging brackets on back
-Handmade deep canvas.
-Frame included in wood and colour of your choosing

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