Commencing our first season of footwear production for this world renowned heritage brand, we combine our sourcing and manufacturing knowledge to ensure a smooth transition. 


Looking into the heritage of the footwear design work created by the Swedish design team has helped us understand better what innovations and technical aspects benefitted the brand back in its heyday. Close work with Tretorns team in NYC and China allows us to make clear and correct decisions for the future sourcing and manufacture of the brands core styles in this early stage of our relationship.


From the Swedish HQ to the NYC design rooms we bridge the gap between manufacture and design work. Being on the ground and next to factories in Vietnam allows for ideas to become reality, from pencil to shoes on feet.


The ability to think around a problem and bring our footwear manufacture, design and research history to the table allows a close connection with HQ teams.  Combining 25 year passion for sneakers enables our HCM based team to further deepen the connection to this awesome global brand.


SaiKutsu footwear innovation collective based in Saigon 

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