Range Architecture

Balancing a footwear range from a RRP price point can allow a brand to enter multiple retail points and client within a single inner city street. Architecture and design diversity can be created using simple branding, material or color stories without needing to disrupt the important engineering aspects of a collection which enables price point and margins to be king.

 Fast track development

Speed to market and to clients showrooms allows multiple seasonal purchases. In turn this allows brands to stay fresh, relevant and close to market trends. Manufacture and shipping footwear has some time barriers , but design and innovation is as fast as an HQ team can accurately spec and decide on protos.

 Material choices

Diversity of materials and their combination can be determined early in development to allow for pricing architecture to be more realistic from starting specs. This early attention to detail and recognition of what creates value to the client for the price paid is a key concern for our team.

 Quality control

IN the factory we have quality controllers in place from development start to container closed. Spot checking footwear from the material inventory through cutting , stitching and assembly allows early issues to be caught and resolved.


SaiKutsu footwear innovation collective based in Saigon 

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