Closely working with Converses US footwear development team and the HCM Converse team to take design and manufacture concepts into deliverable product. Using technologies  internally developed within our denim innovations and utilising them in the footwear design process.

 Our Approach

Weekly contact with the teams and a full understanding of the seasonal briefs we work in congress to develop manufacturing processes that add value to the final product while being ready for production from the start of the development.

 Unique wash process

Sneaker production relies on material suppliers to innovate for footwear brands. The Saikutsu team considers base cloths that are untreated and then plays on seasonal themes in our unique laundry at Saitex Vietnam to create fresh looks that have no MOQ issues on colour or finish due to it all being done by hand and in-house by our expert team.


Processing and shipping around 1 million pairs annually, we are confident that the value added to the end consumer is being recognised at a retail level. With further exiting projects lined up with Converse team, we are now working to deepen that connection and innovate further with this awesome brand and their team.


SaiKutsu footwear innovation collective based in Saigon 

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