Eco Alf

Ocean waste and algae foam

We worked with Eco Alf to design and develop a sneaker made from harvested ocean plastic and algae foam

Eco Alf Shao sneaker

Ecoalf creates sneakers made from algae and ocean plastic

The Shao sneaker was a first of its kind 

Eco Alf  (Madrid)

Inception of their Algae foam sole unit with recycled thread upper campaign. Full package from concept, materials through to design source and ship.
Kicked off their initial offering of an Algae foam sole and allowed for many other product lines to copy same DNA created.
This sneaker design has been stripped down to its core necessary ingredient, upper, and a sole unit. No insole, laces or any other unnecessary features, panels or branding. by reducing the amount of material used we also reduce the amount of waste.
Uppers made from Ocean waste
Algae foam sole unit
Knitted upper uses less material
Minimal components reducing waste

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