Our aim: to make shoes that are environmentally net positive.

Saikutsu offers footwear solutions that reduce the negative impact of the industry on our environment.

Stewardship of the earth

We take seriously our stewardship of the earth. Working globally, we aim to make better, more environmentally-responsible shoes. Our mission extends to factory processes, design methods, and material selection. We choose branding partners who share our commitment to the distribution of truly eco-friendly shoes.

The Teams Credentials

SaiKutsu has drawn talent from diverse social, industrial, and generational backgrounds. From Germany, Vietnam, and the UK, we bring over thirty years’ experience in footwear design, manufacture, marketing, and global sales.

Our ‘now’ knowledge will help you create shoes that are great to look at, and even better to wear: comfortable, well priced, and coded with environmentally-responsible DNA.

Our Goals

To put earth- and people-friendly shoes on the world’s feet.

To focus only on the next project’s success, and not on past glories.

To be happy, to have fun, and to have a positive impact on the footwear industry.

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