Here at SaiKutsu we are proud to announce the launch of our new website!

The SaiKutsu collective combines a multi disciplined team from design to IT, brand builders to sustainable manufacture moguls, finance to sales. We link with people and companies that are reaching for a better way to live, produce, interact and design concepts for citizens of the future.

SaiKutsu works on all steps of footwear from concepts and range architecture to supply chain management and digital sales platforms. Supporting and designing correct products with those individuals or corporations that want long term profitability the right way. We can offer services including innovation, design and production through to shipping.


Our many years experience in the industry and in Vietnam enables us to manufacture and develop footwear products using our own factories and key partners. We are an international company producing footwear and design work to the highest standards for brands all over the world.


Our Creative Studio is based in central Saigon on one of the most beautiful  and vibrant streets ‘Nguyen Hue‘, pop in for a coffee or beer on our balcony over looking the street! Our second office is based in District 8 within our manufacturing facility/footwear factory. Thirdly we have an office in our denim manufacturing facility in Amata industrial park on the outskirts of Saigon.

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